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apple Laptop LED/LCD Screen Broken?

apple Laptop Screen Repair & Replacement

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Drop your apple Laptop? On apple laptops that have been dropped or physically damaged, the screen is one of the most fragile components. We replace all of the different screen types, and sizes, from LCD and LED, to the digitizers (touch screens) on some of the newer Windows 8, windows 10, models. Screen replacements usually take one of our engineers 3 hours to complete, and are covered

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Water, Liquid Damage Issues?

apple Laptop Liquid Spill Repair

apple Laptop Liquid Spill Repair, water damage

Coffee, tea, juice, milk, smoothies, even baby formula, we’ve seen it all. Our expert technicians can clean and repair the damage and save your data.

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Overheating and Cooling System Problems?

apple Laptop Overheating Issues

apple laptop overheating problem, Overheating and Cooling System Problems

Your apple laptop gets very hot after a short period of time and the fan is noisy or loud.

Your apple Laptop shuts down unexpectedly and is hot to touch, unable to turn back on.

Your apple Laptop wont boot into Windows and displays system cooling error screen message.

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Virus, Spyware, Trojan, Worm and Adware Issues?

apple Laptop Virus Removal

apple laptop overheating problem, Overheating and Cooling System Problems

We know how frustrating an infection can be. Don’t live with popups and the fear of your personal data being stolen. We can help restore peace of mind by fully removing any and all malicious software from your apple laptop, guaranteed! We remove viruses, malware and spyware from your system. We also fix hijacked browsers, unwanted toolbars and ransomeware viruses. We can give advice after a virus removal service to better protect your system for the future.

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apple Laptop Power Problems?

apple Laptop Power Jack Repair

apple laptop overheating problem, Overheating and Cooling System Problems

If you have dropped your apple Laptop with the charger cable in and damaged the jack inside the Laptop.

When you insert the apple Laptop charger the apple Laptop intermittently charges the battery if you touch the charge cable.

The apple Laptop has no power or wont turn on at all and you suspect it might be the power jack inside the Laptop.

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Hard Disk Problems?

apple Laptop Harddisk Repair

apple laptop overheating problem, Overheating and Cooling System Problems

Probably the most common repair we perform on apple laptops is to replace a failing hard drive with a new one, and set up Windows or another operating system from scratch. Please use the link here to view a more comprehensive list of our options, and prices, for hard drive replacement and operating system reinstallation

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Mother Board Problems?

apple Laptop Main Board Repair

apple Laptop Main Board Repair

apple Laptop not powering on? Sometimes, if this occurs, the issue is with the main board of the apple laptop, and can be caused by a short circuit, or burnt out component. We can perform component level repairs on the main board of apple laptop models and depending on the exact issue, one of our engineers can have the apple laptop repaired and back in full working order within 24 hours.

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Keyboard Problems?

apple Laptop Keyboard Repair

apple Laptop Keyboard Repair

Due to physical damage, and water damage, we commonly replace keyboards and track pads on apple models of laptop. Keyboard replacements generally take two hours for one of our engineers to perform.

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OS Problems?

apple Laptop Windows Reinstall

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If you have a serious Virus infection that has corrupted your Windows Operating system files.

If you have an issue with your apple Laptop Computer hard drive and the operating system needs to be reinstalled.

If you are selling your Computer and want to ensure all data is 100% erased from the computer system.

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Data Recovery

apple Laptop Data Recovery

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We recover data from apple Computers or Laptops that no longer work due to failure or severe damage.

We recover data from external USB hard drives that you plug into your apple Computer or Laptop.

We can attempt data recovery when devices have been dropped causing internal damage.

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